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Homemade Contrivances
and How to Make Them

1001 Labor-Saving Devices
for Farm, Garden, Dairy and Workshop

By Skyhorse Publishing

Homemade Contrivances<br />and How to Make Them by Skyhorse Publishing”></p>
<p>The traditional American devices contained in this intriguing compilation date from an era long before milking machines, pesticide sprayers, and industrial hay balers. Yet the simple inventions described for doing everything from managing young bulls to protecting drain outlets can be just as useful for today’s farmer as they were for the homesteaders of over a century ago.
<p> Discover how to make such items as a movable nest for hens, a ribless boat, a contraption to extricate a mired animal, a farm cart with adjustable racks for larger loads, a wire fence tightener, a fruit picker, a grindstone set and frame, and much more.
<p> This book is a boon for the rancher, farmer, or anyone who loves the rural life. </p>
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Homemade Contrivances and How to Make Them 978-1-60239-018-8 621 pages $14.95

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