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Oxen: A teamster’s guide

Operating Manual for the Mighty Ox

By Drew Conroy

Oxen: A teamster's guide by Drew Conroy

From plowing and hauling to logging and demonstrating traditional farming techniques, oxen contribute their trustworthy strength to many tasks. Calm and easy to work with, they are perennial favorites at farm museums, in municipal parades, and at county fairs. Here is the definitive resource to owning and working a team of your own.

With Drew Conroy’s reliable advice, you will select your ideal animals, feed and house them properly, begin their basic training, fit them with a yoke and bows, and look after their health. Finally, you will take on the satisfying process of training your team to master the working skills you desire.

Farm with them, show them off, or compete with them—there is much to admire about the mighty ox.

Oxen: A teamster’s guide 978-1-58017-692-7 256 pages $24.95


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