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Wild Predators?
Not in My Backyard!

By Eugene L. Fytche

Wild Predators?<br />Not in My Backyard! by Eugene L. Fytche”></p>
<p>Eugene Fytche, a retired engineer, has owned a commercial sheep flock near Ottawa, Ontario, for over twenty years. His own problems with coyotes led him to conduct extensive research into predator damage for the Ontario Sheep marketing Agency and the Ontario Cattlemens’ Association.
<p>Fytche’s first book was released as a direct result of that research. <i>…May Safely Graze</i> focused on protecting sheep, cattle and goats from coyotes and wolves, and has had a wide circulation in Canada and the US.
<p>In <i>Wild Predators? Not in My Backyard!</i> Fytche examines the responsibilities of the small farmer who may be raising poultry and other livestock, as well as sheep and goats. Keeping the high economic cost of predator damage in mind, Fytche provides sound advice and sensible strategies for farm operators seeking protection from many species of wild predators. </p>
<div align=
Wild Predators? Not in My Backyard! 1-89443-910-4 115 pages $20.00

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