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A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing, and Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game

By Wilbur F. Eastman, Jr.

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing, and Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game by Wilbur F. Eastman, Jr.

Learn the safe, practical, and inexpensive ways to best preserve your meat, fish, and game.

This no-nonsense guide to canning, freezing, curing, and smoking meat, fish, and game is written in down-to-earth, informative, everyday language.

The third edition of this perennial bestseller is completely revised and updated to comply with the latest USDA health and safety guidelines. Includes dozens of delicious recipes for homemade Beef Jerky, Pemmican, Venison Mincemeat, Corned Beef, Gepockelete (German-style cured pork), Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Smoked Sausage, Liverwurst, Bologna, Pepperoni, Fish Chowder, Cured Turkey, and a variety of hams. Learn tasty pickling methods for tripe, fish, beef, pork, and oysters.

An excellent resource for anyone who loves meat but hates the steroids and chemicals in commercially available products.

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing, and Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game 1-58017-457-4 231 pages $16.95

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