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Cordwood Building

The State of the Art

By Rob Roy

Cordwood Building by Rob Roy

The latest techniques of an ancient building method! Cordwood masonry is an ancient building technique where walls are constructed of short logs. Cordwood Building collects over 25 of the world’s best practitioners to describe the long history of the method, showing how to build a cordwood home using state of the art techniques. Cordwood buildings from all over the world are featured with special focus on building code issues.

Advantages of cordwood construction include:

1. ease of construction
2. economy
3. esthetics
4. energy-efficiency and
5. ecological harmony

This well-illustrated book will inspire designs and help owner-builders decide whether cordwood masonry is appropriate for their buildings plans. It will appeal to contractors wanting to learn a new building technique, building code enforcement officers and all those interested in natural buildings.

Cordwood Building 0-86571-475-4 240 pages $26.95


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