The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners
An eclectic selection of inspiring project plans, useful tips, and how-to advice for people who enjoy growing their own food.
Herrick Kimball
ISBN: 978-0-9726564-0-5
124 pages.
$ 21.95
Herrick Kimball, inventor of the world-famous Whizbang chicken plucker, Whizbang cider press, Whizbang garden cart and Whizbang wheel hoe has packed the pages of this book with a diverse selection of whizbang ideas for people who enjoy growing their own food. Among other things, you’ll learn the following: How to make and use Whizbang solar pyramid cloches; How to make Whizbang T-post trellis spans; How to make Whizbang T-post hops poles; How to Make a Whizbang wood-and-wire garden tote; “How to Grow Strawberries of the Largest & Finest Quality” (from E.P. Roe, the acclaimed 19th-century berry-man); How to make a Planet Whizbang wheel hoe (with an oscillating stirrup blade); How to harvest, grind & use wood-stove biochar; How to grow “hugelberries”; How to “steam-fryalize” compost (with a milk-can rocket stove); How to make a Whizbang T-post grape trellis; How to make forever plant tags; How to make a Whizbang shoulder yoke; How to make Steve Lonsky’s amazing siphon-tube rain barrels; How to make Mark-Albert-style caterpillar cloches; and much, much more! After you're done reading this book, you'll be a smarter gardener, a more clever gardener, and a Whizbang-inspired gardener.