The Shepherd'’s Rug
A Braided Wool Rug From Roving
Letty Klein & Ann Brown
ISBN: 0-88196-014-4
112 pages.
$ 24.95
Quickly and easily make salable heirloom quality rugs from wool—without special tools or supplies. The authors provide excellent illustrations and descriptions, drawings to clarify techniques, as well as clear photos of the final product. You need no special equipment or supplies, just a knowledge of how to braid and use a sewing needle. Suggestions such as how long or thick the strands and braids need to be to start your project, and how to connect the braids, will guide you along. The authors provide a brief description of sheep breeds and their wool traits as it relates to the art of rug making, such as: luster, texture, softness, felting ability, etc. The Shepherd'’s Rug more than pays for itself with your first rug. Color photos; well-illustrated.