Wind Energy Basics
A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems 2nd Edition
Paul Gipe
ISBN: 1-89013-207-1
166 pages.
$ 29.95
Take your first step in getting off the electric grid with this introductory guide to wind energy systems by one of the world’s leading experts on wind power. Wind Energy Basics provides detailed information on planning, purchasing, siting and installing a wind system, and integrating wind power with solar photovoltaics for more cost-effective and reliable off-the-grid applications. Includes an overview of the growing use of wind energy around the globe, describing and analyzing the most affordable small wind generators, and the highly practical micro turbines. In addition, net metering and inter-tie possibilities are discussed, describing how homeowners in many states can now sell their excess electricity back to the utility company. Put the right wind turbine to work on your homestead from the information found within these pages.