For the Love of Poultry
A Backyard Poultry Anthology
ISBN: 978-0-972966-13-9
307 pages.
$ 19.95
If you missed the first year of Backyard Poultry— here’s your second chance. The complete collection of articles and photos from 2006 is now a book! This large 8-1/2 x 11 full-color anthology contains 320 pages featuring more than 30 writers, including renowned poultry expert and author Gail Damerow, homesteading guru Harvey Ussery, and University of Wisconsin’s top poultry specialist, Ron Kean. Enjoy reading as they share their knowledge, and be entertained by stories like Chickens in the city; Pampered poultry; Championing rare and historic breeds; The world’s smallest chicken; The trained chicken “Eggzibit” and much, much more!