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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 91 Number 1
January/February, 2013

On The Cover
      Ty Chupasko (25) is swarmed with kids at The Reynolds Barn in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. He did not think twice about dairy goats until he started dating writer Miriah Reynolds three years ago. Once submerged into a life with dairy goats, he admits that he loves the creatures and now can trim hooves, clip, milk, and even assist with kidding. Ty is a mechanic at Bozeman Audi in Montana. Photo by Miriah Reynolds.

From the editor:
Management for Goat Owners Starts From the Ground Up 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
World Organization Fund Vaccine Bank for Goat Disease Control 8
    By Alan Harman
Embryos Collected Transcervially in Ontario 8
    By Alan Harman
2012 ADGA Spotlight Sales Results 10
Inflation Information: A Vital Part of Dairy Goat Herd Healthy 10
    By Paul Hamby
Veterinarian Holds High Regard for Youth Leadership at ADGA Annual Convention 12
    By Dr. Deb Mangelsdorf
Virtual Show Gives Golden Guernsey Breeders a Chance to Compete 14
    By Jennifer Stultz
AfiShepherd: A Management Solution for Sheep & Goat Farmers 16
    By Noa Yonish
Broke Richard Ranch Invests in Drought-Proof Hydroponic Feed System 18
Alternative Goat Management Advantages vs. Conventional Management 20
    By Kat Drovdahl, MH, CR, DipHir, CEIT
Ground Rotation is a Good Part of Goat Herd Management 22
    By Shelene Costello
Production and Good Health Depend on Comprehensive Diet Management 23
    By Miriah Reynolds
Sunrise Farm’s top 10 Tips 25
    By Angela von Weber-Hansberg
Signs of Labor 27
    By Jennifer Stultz
Kid Care 30
    By Billie Luisi
Tools to Ensure Traits Help Breeders Reach Their Goals 33
    By Shelene Costello
Commercial dairy diary:
Marran Dairy Goats, Milton, Wisconsin 35
    By Randy and Mary Adamson
One breeder’s experience:
New to Goats, But Not to the Lifestyle They Enhance 42
    By David Bandish
Caprine cooking:
Savory Christmas Cheese 46
    By Mary Jane Toth
Judging quiz:
Aged Saanen Milkers 48
    By Todd Biddle
Photo gallery 58

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