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Volume 92 Number 4 July/August, 2014

On The Cover
A youth showmanship entry at the BEA
(Bern Expo AG show) in Bern, Canton
Bern Switzerland waits for her turn in the
ring last May. Photo by Sonja Glassey

From the editor:
Smart Goats 6
By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Fat Toad Farm Wins Award With Goat Business 8
By Alan Harman  
Artificial Insemination Course Scheduled in North Carolina 9
By William B. Knox
Kencove Farm Fence Acquires Forester Ind., LLC 10
By Jacob White
North American Packgoat Assoc. Seeks to Change Ban on Goats in U.S. Forests 11
By Angela von Weber-Hahsberg
National Saanen Breeders Assoc. 2013 All American Winners 14
Genetics for the Future: Lessons from the Dairy Cattle Industry 16
By Elizabeth Henning & Lisa Shepard
Quantitative Analysis of Fatty Acid in Indian Goat Milk and Comparison With Other Livestock and Human Health 17
Studies Show Goats Are Clever 21
By Alan Harman
Goat health:
Teas Can Refresh Herd & Herd Owner 22
By Kat Drovdahl  
Goaty Pedicures 24
By Natash Lovell  
“Mama” Goat Inspires Soap Business 28
By Meghan Nichols  
How Dairy Goats Have Changed
My Life
By Michaela Sievers  
Commercial dairy diary:
Trail Ridge Farm and Dairy 33
By Shelly and Kelsey Hammond
Why a Goat? 39
By Natasha Lovell  
Chickens, Goats, and a Slippery Slope 40
By Rose Bartiss  
Petra’s Goats 41
By Jennifer Stultz  
Judging quiz:
Nigerian Dwarf Milkers 44
By Todd Biddle
A younger view:
My Goat Story 48
By Grace E. O’Keefe
Upcoming events 49
Caprine prose & poetry 50
Photo gallery 59

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