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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 92 Number 3 May/June, 2014

On The Cover
“The girl in the picture is my niece, Hunter McKinney. The large goat is Cupcake and the baby is her daughter Sy Snootle. She was named after a Star Wars character by my husband.” — Crissie Dittrich

From the editor:
Take the Bad With the Good and Keep on Dairying 6
     By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Japanese Researchers Identify Goat Pheromone 8
Dairy Product Pricers to Hit New Highs 9
     By Melissa Osgood
Power Tool Offers Modern Way to Trim Hooves 9
     By Philippa Main
Featured articles:
Happy Goats Grazing Service 12
     By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
World Cheese Champions Face Tough Competition 16
     By Alan Harman
UK Company Ages Popular Goat Cheese in Ancient Cave 18
     By Alan Harman
Take a Reality Check Before Making Cheese a Career 22
     By Vicki Dunaway
Goat Milk Products Center of Dutch Industry Expansion 24
     By Alan Harman
The Reynolds Barn 26
     By Miriah Reynolds
Making the Goat Herd Profitable 28
     By Kat Drovdahl , MH CR DipHIr CEIT CA
Meet the Nigora Goat 32
     By Patricia Chambers
Things to Consider When Pricing Dairy Goats 34
     By Shelene Costello
Young Sire Development Program 35
     By Lisa Shepard
Commercial dairy diary:
LaClare Farms 36
     By Clara Hedrich
Healing Treats for Happier Goats 43
     By Crissie Dittrich
Judging quiz:
Aged LaMancha Does 44
     By Todd Biddle
Upcoming events 48
A younger view:
Fun with 4-H Dairy Goats 51
     By Amy Varner
Caprine prose & poetry 52
Photo gallery 58

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