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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 92 Number 2 March/April, 2014

On The Cover
Jerry Drovdahl entertains the family’s
LaMancha dairy goat kids.

From the editor:
Good timing 6
     By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Togg Specialty Shows Confirmed 8
Women Managing the Farm Conference 8
Global Agriculture Firm Launches Latin American Dedicated Website 10
2013 National Saanen Breeders
One-Day Milk Test 12
Saanen All American Award Winners 13
CoPulsation™ Milking System 16
     By Angela von Weber-Hahansberg
Owners Beware: Some Plants are Poisonous to Dairy Goats 19
     By Miriah Reynolds
Healthy Kids Make Everyone Happy 21
     By Kat Drovdahl
Cold Weather Kidding 23
     By Amy Varner
When Birth Isn’t Picture-Perfect 25
     By Natasha Lovell
Hazards and Hopes of an Older Doe at Kidding 30
     By Shelene Costello
Alpha s1-Casein Testing 32
     By Lisa Shepard
Commercial dairy diary:
A Better Way Farm 33
     By Kathy Mullins
Electric Fencing an Option for Goat Farmers 42
     By Alan Harman
Judging quiz:
Nubian Doe Kids 46
     By Todd Biddle
Caprine cooking:
The Gift of Rennet 50
     By Vicki Dunaway
Goat prose & poetry:
Hikau About Dairy Goats 52
Photo gallery 58

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