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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 91 Number 2
March/April, 2013

On The Cover
      Ella Tracy shared her love of dairy goats with others at a Kansas Day celebration on January 26. She
especially enjoyed holding a one week-old Nubian cross doeling named Dharma.

From the editor:
First Kid 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
International Researchers Get Closer to Worm Vaccine 8
    By Alan Harman
The Family That Milks Together, Stays Together 10
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Alternative Kidding Support 14
    By Kat Drovdahl
Making Heads and Tails of Tangled Kids 18
    By Christy Harris
Sounds Like Kidding Season 20
    By Scott Bice
Itty Bitty Critter Farm’s Hay Mangers 24
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Culling: Part of Any Healthy, Successful Herd 26
    By Miriah Reynolds
Internal Parasites: Detect, Diagnose and Destroy These Debilitating Enemies 27
    By Miriah Reynolds
Attitude (and Other) Adjustments for Goats 30
    By Dianea Fay
Commercial dairy diary:
Lucky Hook Farm 34
    By Jessi Mauer
Marketing is a Year-Round Endeavor 38
    By Shelene Costello
Judging quiz:
Toggenburg 2-Year-Olds 44
    By Todd Biddle
A younger view:
Bring on the Babies 48
    By Brooke Naziger
Goat prose and poetry:
“Just a Goat” 50
Upcoming events 52
Photo gallery 58

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