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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 90 Number 6
November/December, 2012

On The Cover
      Registered Alpine buck Gravel-Ends Watonka was a Christmas gift five years ago for owner Linda Miller of Hillsboro, Kansas. He had a cute little pink nose and was soft and sweet. Now he is a big, ugly, and very stinky, hardworking buck, but Miller loves him all the same. He is also part of this issue’s buck judging class on page 44.

From the editor:
Buck Focus 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Chinese Father is Dedicated to Providing Goat Milk for His Baby Girl 8
    By Alan Harman
Europeans Condition Grazing Goats 8
    By Alan Harman
Dairy Goat Farm Great for Larson Family of Colorado 11
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Bad Bucks & Mountain Goat Genus 12
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Balancing Caprine Diet Around Forage Quality 14
    By John Hibma
Chaffhaye Fits the Bill for Fay Family 16
    By Jennifer Stutlz
Rejuveating, Modifying and Using a Surge Milking System 18
    By Dennis Wiley
Listeriosis: Like Playing Russian Roulette? 20
    By Maureen H. Herrera
Love Them or Not, Bucks Must Be Cared For With Consideration 26
    By Jennifer Stultz
Production Testing & Data Explained 30
    By Jennifer Stultz
2011 Breed Leaders 31
One breeder’s experience:
When It’s Time to Simplify 41
    By Shelene Costello
Judging quiz:
Alpine Buck Judging Quiz 44
    By Todd Biddle
Breed Club Promotes Oberhasli With Essay Contest 49
The Basics of Goat Milk Soap 51
    By Mary Jane Toth
Photo gallery 58

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