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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 90 Number 2
March/April, 2012

On The Cover
      Christy Harris enjoys time with her kids at Providence Hill Farm, Atchison, Kansas.

From the editor:
Naming Fun with Dairy Goats 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Agriculture Majors are Far From Useless 8
Humane Castrator for Newborn Livestock Introduced 10
Educational Resource Now Attracting Both Producers and Consumers 12
National Saanen Breeders Assoc. 2011 Linear Appraisal Recognition Program 14
Ringworm is a Treatable Problem 18
    By Angela Clendenin
Kid Feeding System Produces Growthy Kids, Aids CAE Prevention 19
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Opinions Vary on Kid-Raising Options 21
    By Miriah Reynolds
Registering & Tattooing Kids: An Important Part of Good Goat Herd Management 23
    By Noah Goddard
Structure by Shelene:
Kid Structure Can Be Used to Make Keep or Cull Decisions 25
    By Shelene Costello
Internet Market Makes Life Easier for Small Food Producers 29
    By Alan Harman
Goat Rescue is a Rewarding Mission for Miller 34
    By Jennifer Stultz
Caprine cooking:
With Mary Jane Toth 37
How to Choose a Culture 38
    By Mary Jane Toth
Goats on Display at 2012 National Goat Expo 42
    By Jennier Parrish
A younger view:
Picture Makes Mom Happy 44
    By Morgan A. Brake
Book review:
The Accessible Pet, Equine, and Livestock Herbal 45
    Reviewed by Kristie Miller
Judging quiz:
Sable Kids 48
    By Todd Biddle

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