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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 89 Number 5
September/October, 2011

On The Cover
      Drew Buroker won the Intermediate Showmanship award at the 2011 American Dairy Goat Association National Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts in late July.

From the editor:
Dairy Goats Inspire Dreams 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
2011 ADGA National Show Winners:
Alpines 8
La Manchas 8
Nigerian Dwarfs 8
Nubians 9
Oberhaslis 9
Saanens 9
Toggenburgs 10
Recorded Grades 10
Colorama Sale 11
Youth Awards 12
Fitting Team Competition 12
Top 10 Show Results 17
Raffle Kid Winners 23
2011 ADGA National Show Was a Grand Experience 13
    By Miriah Reynolds
American Goat Society 2011 National Results 22
In the news:
BioPRYN® Pregnancy Test for Goats Available Worldwide 23
New Milking Technology Means Better Health for Goats 24
    By John Hibma
North Carolina Carpenter Discovers Log Cabins Make Great Goat Shelters 26
    By Tim King
New Zealand Cheesemaker Wins Top Award for Dairy Goat Enterprise 27
Utah Professor Pioneers Goat Milk Silk 31
    By Alan Harman
Structure by Shelene:
Depth of Body Important for a Fully Fuctional Dairy Goat 35
    By Shelene Costello
Holly Buroker is Premier Breeder at ADGA National Show 37
    By Jennifer Stultz
Intermediate Showmanship Winner Keeps a Good Perspective 40
    By Jennifer Stultz
Goat milk recipes:
Carolyn’s Mozzarella Pressed Cheese; Rich Chocolate Goat Milk Pudding; & Goat Milk Cream Cheese 43
Alpine Kid Judging Quiz 46
    By Todd Biddle
Classified Ads (PDF) 57

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