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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 89 Number 4
July/August, 2011

On The Cover
      Janice Spaulding tends to milking chores as well as teaching Goat School with husband Ken. Photo courtesy www.laurakozlowski.com, copyright 2011.

From the editor:
Dairy Goats Enhance Our Lives, Provide Many, Many Benefits 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Research Shows Goats Recognize Voice Calls 8
Non-Cow Milk Recognized by International Federation 9
Kencove Farm Fence Company Needs Trainees 9
2010 Saanen Milk Test Results 10
Spindale Goat Festival Planners Think Globally, Act Locally, and Work to Make a Difference 14
    By Beverly Kalinowski
New Doe Teaches New Goat Owner about the Complexity of Personalities…Goat and Human 16
    By Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg
Spauldings Teach Goat Husbandry, Management and Product Development at Goat Schools Around the Country 18
    By Tim King
Structure by Shelene:
Legs and Feet Play an Important Role in the Longevity and Wellness of Goats 21
    By Shelene Costello
Fecal Examinations for Caprine Parasites 24
    By John Hibma
Researchers Explain Goat Milk Composition 28
    By Barnet Harris, Jr., and Frederick Springer
Goat Milk is Most Complete Food Known 29
    By Luella May
Goat Notes for Beginners 30
    By Martha Fehl
Commercial dairy diary:
City Transplants Enjoy Simple Pleasures of Farm Life 36
    By Marcia St. John
Small Town Farm Guy Wins Big 40
    By D’Ambra Kruger
A younger view:
Dairy Goats vs. Meat Goats 42
    By Brooke Nafziger
Judging quiz:
La Mancha 3-to 4-Year-Olds 44
    By Todd Biddle
Dairy Goats Teach Life Lessons, Leave Hoof Prints on Hearts 49
    By Miriah Reynolds

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