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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 89 Number 3
May/June, 2011

On The Cover
      Hazel Dunn raises dairy goats in Northern Ireland. Alan Harman photo.

From the editor:
Why I Love Dairy Goat Journal 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
National Goat Expo Set For Fall 2012 9
Cypress Grove’s Fresh Chévre is the “Best” 9
Wisconsin Goat Cheese Wins Champion Title 10
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association to Sponsor National Goat Expo 13
Fence Product Might Work for Dairy Goats 13
Pixie Day Gives and Gets Back From the Goat Community 14
    By Tim King
Top Hotel Selects Goat Cheese as a Restaurant Headliner in Ireland 17
    By Alan Harman
Diapers for Doelings (& Bucklings, Too!) 20
    By Kaleb and Ethan Dailey
Structure by Shelene:
Toplines Hold a Lot of Weight 22
    By Shelene Costello
Ruminant Mineral Management Thoughts Presented at OSU Workshop 24
    By Rory Lewandowski
Milk Training Tips for the Difficult Doe 26
    By Shelene Costello
Pack Goats From the Plains Work for Western Hunters 29
    By Suzy Hassler
A younger view:
Showing Dairy Goats is Fun & Educational 31
    By Angie Pruett
Commercial dairy diary:
Family Works Hard to Keep 2 Dairies Going in Vermont 33
    By Sally Lawyer
Using Dairy Goats to Teach State Academic Standards 36
    By Todd Biddle
Are You a Cheese Head? 44
    By Todd Biddle
Judging contest:
Saanen Buck Kids 46
    By Todd Biddle
Two Ways to Make Buttermilk Chévre 50
    By Joy Sebastian-Hall
Cheddar Chévre 51
Fool-Proof Feta 51
    By Dominique Wong
Homemade Cheese, A New Guide for the Home Cheesemaker 52
Upcoming events 53
Photo gallery 58

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