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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 88 Number 5
September/October, 2010

On The Cover
      Cassie Plummer and daughter washing goat.

From the editor:
It’s never easy 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Farmers Turn to Milk for Fields 8
    By T. J. Greaney
2010 ADGA National Show Winners
Photos 10-11
Alpines 13
La Manchas 13
Nigerian Dwarfs 15
Oberhaslis 16
Nubians 19
Saanens 20
Toggenburgs 22
Grades 23
A Candid Look at the National Show 18
    By Paul Hamby
2010 Youth Winners Fitting Team Contest 24
American Goat Society 2010 National Top Winners 25
2010 ADGA National Show Blog 28
    By Celeste and Calvin Eastwood
Golden Guernsey: Breeders Seek New Breed Status in America 35
    By Tim King
Extend Milk Supply With Longer Lactations 37
    By Shelene Costello
Michigan Family’s Natural Farm Features Dairy Goats 39
    By Alan Harman
Deworming Goats: Each Situation is Different, So Adjust Accordingly 41
    By Shelene Costello
Judging quiz:
La Mancha Bucks 43
    By Todd Biddle
Twelve Ways to Help Animals Avoid Heat Stress 47
    By Beverly Martin-Smith
ADGA Announces Selections for Tucson Spotlight Sale 48
Goat milk recipes 50
Upcoming events 52
Photo gallery 58

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