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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 87 Number 4
July/August, 2009

On The Cover
      Tom Chambers, 19, sells shares in his pedigree Alpine herd to those who enjoy the health benefits of goat milk, page 40.

From the editor:
The Benefits of Dairy Involvement Are Far-Reaching 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Zaana the Goat 7
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
NAIS Meeting Draws Impassioned Crowd 10
    By Chris Torres
The American Goat Society Makes Strong Statement Against NAIS 12
Oberhasli Breeders of America: 2008 All-American Winners 14
Breed profile:
Recorded Grades Find Favor with Many Dairy Goat Breeders 15
    By Janet Hurst
Breeding Up 16
    By Janet Hurst
World Cheese Awards Include Maryland, U.S. Winners 17
    By Alan Harman
Sutton Grange Organic Farm Wins Elite Sydney Cheese Competition 20
    By Alan Harman
The Nutritional Benefits of Goat Milk 23
    By Miriah Reynolds
Goats Produce Milk to Protect Against Nerve Gas 24
    By Nic Fleming
Goat Milk Proven to Enhance Long Life 25
    By Janet Hurst
Ontario Event Features Expanding Dairy Goat Industry 26
    By Alan Harman
Scrapies: Rectal Biopsies May Hold Clues to Eradication 32
    By Alan Harman
Commercial dairy diary:
Reichert’s Dairy Air 36
    By Lois Reichert
Shareholders Buy into Herd to Get Raw Milk 40
    By Alan Harman
Judging quiz:
Alpine Judging Quiz 44
    By Todd Biddle
Kaziah Hancock Honors Fallen Soldiers with Her Art 48
    By John Himba
Caprine craft corner:
Easy Breezy Windsock 50
    By Suzy Hassler
Goat prose & poetry:
I’m Only A Goat Farmer 52
Goat milk cheese recipe:
Creole Caprine Cream Cheese 53

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