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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 87 Number 2
March/April, 2009

On The Cover
      Sable kids can be born white and turn color as they mature. This 2008 Sable doeling was white at birth, but by three months of age had a blue-grey saddle over her topline. Photo from Gravel-Ends Ranch Dairy Goats www.capriella.com/GravelEnds

From the editor:
Kidding Season Brings Hope 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news 7
Sables Win Hearts and Recognition as an Official Breed 8
    By Tim King
Int’l. Sable Breeders Association National Specialty Show Winners 10
Breed focus:
History of the Sable Dairy Goat 13
    By Gwen Johnson
Rhode Island 4-H Group Gets an Ultrasound Experience 14
    By Miriah Reynolds
Practice and Experience Can Help With Kidding Challenges 15
    By John Hibma
What to Expect When Expecting 19
    By Rachel Hamm
Natural Goat Medicine 22
    By Rev. Dr. Waltz
Wise Woman Keeps Goats in Good Health With Natural-Based Management 26
    By Sharon Tefft Bozovsky
Plants Toxic to Goats 28
    By Rona Sullivan
Spring Greening Holds Dangers for Goats 31
    By Rona Sullivan
Guard Animals: Pros & Cons 33
    By Janet Hurst
Making Farmstead Goat Cheese in Italy 37
    By Lois Reichert
Commercial dairy diary:
Punkeydoodle’s Corner Dairy Goats 40
    By Bob Reid
Sable judging quiz:
Sable Kid Class Results 46
    By Todd Biddle
A younger view:
Blind Love: The Story of Templeton 49
    By Mariah Reynolds
Goat prose & poetry:
Kidding Time 52
    By Brenna Gallagher
An Old Farmer’s Advice 52
Photo gallery 58

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