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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 87 Number 1
January/February, 2009

On The Cover
      Mother Anna (foreground) and Mother Katherine, the cheese maker, is in the background. Michael Balbuena, the acting herd manager is holding Destiny, a Saanen buck.

From the editor:
In a Perfect World 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Oklahoma Youth Make a Profit and Help Others with Their Dairy Goat Product 7
    By Mikaela Spaulding
Farmers Markets are Great Outlets for Goat Cheese Sales 10
    By Janet Hurst
2008 ADGA Annual Convention Results:
Bath Care Products 12
Goat Milk Cheese 12
Spotlight Sale Results 13
Breed focus:
Saanens: The Great White Goats 15
    By Miriah Reynolds
Saanens Sustain Incentive for Dairy Dream at Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery 16
    By Tim King
Meredith Dairy: Capitalizing on Research and Funding to Produce Top Quality Cheeses in Australia 19
    By Alan Harman
Dairy Goat Farming is a Precarious Endeavor in New Zealand 23
    By Catharine Whitney
Keep or Cull? Make Decision Based on Realistic Standards 25
    By Todd Biddle
The Liver Fluke: Unexpected and Undetected, Goat Owners Beware 26
    By Jennifer Stultz
Balance Calcium and Phosphorus in Diet to Avoid Metabolic Issues 28
    By John Hibma
Basic Health Knowledge Contributes to a Healthy Goat Herd 30
    By Roxanne McCoy & Jennifer Stultz
Feed and Fences are Priorities Learned by Trial and Error 31
    By Miriah Reynolds
Commerical dairy diary: Saanens Featured at Ripshin Goat Dairy in North Carolina 35
    By Liza Plaster
Saanen Judging Quiz 44
    By Todd Biddle
Cyprus Officials Fight Alarming Eradication of Goat Herds 48
    By Alan Harman
NAIS: An Impossible Promise Pushed on Livestock Owners by the Government 49
    By Natasha Lovell
Membership Special Will Support Opposition to NAIS in Arkansas 52
    By Anita Messenger
First Goat Memories 53
    By Marlene Schwingel

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