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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 86 Number 6
November/December, 2008

On The Cover
      Students Heather Welsch, Jolene Berg, Gina Gonella, and Casey Sanderson are part of the hands-on dairy goat teaching and research classes at the University of California Davis. They are pictured with the university’s 2008 ADGA Spotlight Sale doeling consignment, California Varekai Kia. See related story on page 9. Photo By Jan Carlson, UC Goat Facility, Department of Animal Science, Davis, California.

From the editor:
Blessed Obers 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
Learn About Cheesemaking 8
Grazing Alfalfa in the Fall 8
    By Bruce Anderson
University of California Promotes Research and Dairy Goat Instruction at Davis Facilities 9
    By Tim King
Breed focus:
Oberhasli Breeders Make Strides in Quality 12
    By Jennifer Stultz
Creative Dairy Goat Housing 20
    By John C. Porter
The Yearly Buck Dilemma: Visit, Split, Rent, or Own? 22
    By Miriah Reynolds
Bucks Must Be Cared For With Consideration 24
    By Jennifer Stultz
One breeder’s personal experience:
Mycoplasma: Knowledge is Power to Fight This Deadly Goat Disease!
    By Gianaclis Caldwell
University of Kentucky Studies Goat Grazing Options 31
    By Alan Harman
Ireland Dairy Goat Farmers Experience “Best of Times” 32
    By Alan Harman
Life at Baetje Farms is Dream Come True 36
    By Janet Hurst
Commercial dairy diary:
OakMoon Farm & Creamery Takes Final Steps to Licensed Milk Production 38
    By Cynthia Sharpe
Goat Milk Cheese Recipes to Try 45
A younger view:
Tracked: The NAIS Controversy 50
    By Maria Magaldi
Goat prose and poetry:
The Best Oberhasli of All Time 54
    By Elise Anderson
Upcoming events 54

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