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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 86 Number 5
September/October, 2008

On The Cover
      Gracie Michael (5) and her sister Hannah (6) pose with Jesta Farm-First Light. Photo by Rona Myers Sullivan

From the editor:
Just a Little Respect, Please 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
In the news:
International Goat Milk Conference 8
Florida Goat Enthusiasts Enjoy 30th Annual conference 9
2008 Goat Milk cheese and Bath Products Competition 10
ADGA National Show 2008:
ADGA Show Chair and Ohio/Kentucky Hosts Garner Rave Reviews 12
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
True American Idols 13
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
A Candid View 15
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
The Next Generation 21
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
ADGA National Show Results:
Alpine 24
La Mancha 24
Nubian 25
Oberhasli 26
Saanen 27
Toggenburg 27
Recorded Grade 28
2008 ADGA National Show Youth Awards 30
2008 American Goat Society National Show Results 32
Breed focus:
Nubians 34
What are Wattles? 35
    By Jennifer Stultz
Oregon Herbalist Believes the Right Nutrients Help Heal Goats and Their Owners 37
    By Tim King
Karakachan: Ancient Livestock Guardian Dog Breed Makes a Comeback 40
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
Kentuckiana Hospitality 42
    By Rona Myers Sullivan
Nubian Judging Quiz 46
    By Todd Biddle
Making Goat Milk Cheese is Easy 50
    ByRoxanne McCoy
Upcoming events 54
Photo gallery 58

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