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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 86 Number 3
May/June, 2008

On The Cover
      Brooke Uhrinek and her LaMancha doeling, Xandra, examine their blue ribbon in the show ring. Photo by Stephanie Uhrinek, Flowerhill LaManchas, Basom, New York; www.flowerhilllamanchas.com

From the editor:
The Fun Is in the Journey 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Stephen L. Richter 8
Reader replies:
Alternative Udder Wash and Teat Dip Uses No Iodine 9
Reader Thanks Dairy Goat Mentor 9
World Goat Milk Cheese Champions Win in Wisconsin 12
    By Alan Harman
Featured breed:
How American La Manchas Came to Be 13
    By Mrs. Eula Fay Frey
The American La Mancha, & Its Ears 15
    By Dale L. Woods
History of the La Mancha Breed 16
2007 American La Mancha Club All American Results 17
Mini-Nubians Just Right for Oklahoma Girl and Family 20
    By Tim King
Mississippi Goat Association Breeder’s Cup Works to Involve Youth Deeper in Their Dairy Goat Projects 21
    By Todd Willis
Planning a Dairy Goat Show For Fun 23
    By Tana McCarter
Fun with Goats in Upstate New York 26
    By Sharon Tefft Bozovsky
Pack Up for Some Goat Fun! 28
    By Miriah Reynolds
Silage for Goats 30
    By John Hibma
Dairy Goats Require Math and Measurement! 35
    By Heather Fromm
LaMancha Judging Quiz 38
    By Todd Biddle
Commercial dairy diary:
Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese 42
    By Nancy Nathanya Coonridge
Upoming events 52
Goat prose & poetry 54
Photo gallery 58

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