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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 86 Number 1
January/February, 2008

On The Cover
      Ann Jones, Texas, turned a hobby into a full-time passion, raising and milking dairy goats, plus making and selling cheese. See related story on page 26. Photo by Alan Harman

From the editor:
Okay, Okay—I Was Wrong 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Reader replies 8
News & events:
2007 Pennsylvania Dairy Goat Assoc. Merit and Awards 12
Hernandez’ Dairy Goats Part of Growing Industry Serving Tourists in Mexico 15
    By Tim King
Dairy Goats Part of a Growing Artisan/Farmstead Cheese Industry in New York 17
    By Sharon Tefft Bozovsky
Production Sale Gives Alpine Breeder Better Management Options 20
    By Jennifer Stultz
Kirsch and Cullen Make Changes, Increase Quality at Cherry Glen Farm 22
    By Tim King
Texas’ Latte Da Dairy Earns Top Marks for Really Good Goat Cheese 26
    By Alan Harman
Largest Goat Dairy in Missouri Offers Ministry & Restoration
in Addition to Milk & Chévre
    By Paul Hamby
Starting Kids Out Right 32
    By Nancy Nickel
Haemonchus contortus: Managing the Blood Sucking Parasite 34
    By John Hibma
Toggenburg Judging Quiz 38
    By Todd Biddle
Results of the 2007 ADGA Goat Cheese Competition 42
2007 ADGA Spotlight Sale Buyers 46
Commercial dairy diary:
Jekuthiel’s Grade A Raw Goat Dairy 47
    By Jessica Howard
Make a Press to Preserve Goat Milk Cheese 52
    By Janet Hurst
Photo gallery 58
Goat prose & poetry:
Cheese, Please, Louise 58
    By Jan Anderegg

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