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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 85 Number 6
November/December, 2007

On The Cover
      Winston and Harry, Nubian yearling bucks at the Via Lactea Farm owned by Andrew and Jenny Tapper, New Hampshire, have been life-long buddies. See more about them and other productive Nubians in this issue’s Commercial Dairy Diary, page 42 . Photo by Jenny Tapper

From the editor:
Bucks Are Stupid 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Make the Best Better 8
    By Todd Biddle
Good Genetics and Milk Production Records Are Key to Caprikorn Farm’s Success in Producing Top Milking Saanens 16
    By Tim King
Prairie Wood Ranch, New Mexico: Home to Miniature Goats for 20 Years…And Counting 20
Buck Basics 24
    By Bob Breese
Choosing a Herd Sire 26
    By Nancy Nickel
Black Mesa Ranch Builds a Buck Barn 30
    By Kathryn Heiniger & Jennifer Stultz
Buck judging contest:
Nubian Buck Judging 32
    By Todd Biddle
Nutritional Causes of Reproductive Losses in Dairy Goats 36
    By H.H. Van Horn & G.F.W. Haenlein
Goat Goiter: Congenital or Iodine Deficiency? 38
    By William J. Kelch, DVM, PhD
Harvesting From the Herd 40
    By Emily Dixon
Commercial dairy diary:
Dairy Goats Earn Their Keep at Via Lactea Farm 42
    By Andrew & Jenny Tapper
ADGA Performance 2006 Breed Leaders 49
Ambrose, the Unlikely Hero 52
    By Linda Barnett
Upcoming events 52
Goat prose and poetry:
A Walk in the Woods 54
    By Robert Woodbury
Photo gallery 58

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