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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 84 Number 2
March/April, 2006

On The Cover
      Dolly, a crossbred 2005 LaMancha/Nubian doeling, is already part of the Scrapies identification program (note ear tag). She also sports tattoos in her tail web as part of ADGA registration requirements. Should the National Animal Identification System draft plans become official, she might also be micro-chipped and/or ear tagged with larger more visible tags. Is all this really necessary? Small goat producers across the United States are up in arms about under-representation in governmental NAIS “working groups” and trickle-down costs they might have to absorb should all this tagging and chipping being sponsored by the USDA become national law.

From the editor:
Sitting on the Fence 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
National Animal Identification System Should Warrant Concern from Dairy Goat Owners 8
    By Danielle Westvang
Sustainable goat dairying:
Rona’s “Beeswaxing” Method 16
    By Rona Sullivan
Grain in the Goat Diet 18
    By Nancy Nickel
Managing Metabolic Challenges of the Dairy Goat 21
    By John Hibma
Periparturient Disorders in Goats—A Retrospective Analysis of 324 Cases 24
Good Milking Practices: Strip, Dip and Wipe 34
    By Janet Hurst
Goats in the world:
Israeli Goats 38
    By Janet Hurst
Backyard Goat Dreams:
Small spaces do not have to deter owners from life with dairy goats
    By Tim King
Commercial dairy diary:
Riley’s Goat Farm 42
    By Steve & Janet Riley
A younger view:
Back to the Basics 46
    By Cameron Stultz
Judging quiz:
LaMancha Judging Quiz 48
    By Harvey Considine
Upcoming events 54
Photo gallery 58

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