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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 83 Number 4
July/August, 2005

On The Cover
      Emma Spreckelson, Indiana, snuggles with a Hoosier Hills kid that was born on her sixth birthday. The photo was taken by her mom, Katie Spreckelson.

From the editor
The benefits of owning dairy goats 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
National Toggenburg Club 2004 All-Americans 8
Goat milk: The other white milk 14
    By Daniel Peterson
Goat milk ave twin girls the boost they needed for health and life 15
    By Jennifer Stultz
Raw goat milk vs. pasteurized cow milk 16
    By Maurissa Einsiedel
Dairy goats and goat millk cheese production are the heart of therapeutic school 20
    By Janet Hurst
Jean New, Dairy Goat Ambassador to the world 24
    By Nancy Nickel
Inspired by Jean New, Nickel Dairy Goats attempts to share proven goat genetics overseas 25
    By Nancy Nickel
Australian goat breeder Leesa Lewis starts Australian Association for Dairy Goats 28
    By Jennifer Stultz
Marketing those goats 30
    By Cheryl K. Smith
The truth about the rumor…CAE positive goat milk and the connection to HIV or AIDS research and healing 32
    By Tim King
Judging quiz
Nigerian Dwarf judging results 34
    By Harvey Considine
Trials & tribulations of backyard goats 37
    By Susan L. Marsh
Memories of a goat doctor
Monty 38
    By Michele Konnersman, DVM
Commerical dairy diary
Can artisan cheese help save America’s small farms? 39
    By Rona Sullivan
Photo gallery 50
Goat milk saved my brother’s life 54
    By Danielle Westvang
Younger view
Connecticut Dairy Goat Day 55
    By Jenny Stronk

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