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In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal
Volume 83 Number 3
May/June, 2005

On The Cover
      Providing goats with an obstacle course is one fun way to enjoy your goats at shows. (See pg. 44 for more ideas.)

From the editor:
In this issue…show season, health and management, weather, milk, transportation…and humor 6
    By Jennifer Stultz
Reader replies 8
2004 All-American LaMancha Winners 9
Cool weather grooming 16
    By Sue Rucker
Hobbs is a goat hoof trimmer by trade 19
    By Tim King
Those pesky lice! 21
    By Cheryl K. Smith
Wasps provide simple fly-control option for dairy goat owners 24
    By Tim King
Goats and hurricanes 26
    By Susan L. Marsh
Nigerians: Little does for little dairies 30
    By Gianaclis Cauldwell
Making cheese: Sanitation and cleanliness are of highest importance in achieving superior quality 40
    By Shannon Gates
Sportsmanship in the show barn 42
    By Miriah Reynolds
Goat show fun enhanced by obstacle courses 44
    By Nancy Nickel
Goat transport options and tips to consider 46
    By Danielle Westvang
Homespun remedies that work 49
    By Danielle Westvang
Memories of a goat doctor
Prolapse at sunset 50
    By Michele Konnersman, DVM
Goat industry news 54
Younger view
Ideas that work 53
    By Miriah Reynolds
Photo gallery 58

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