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American Dairy Goat
Association Spotlight Sale

Nominations Needed By May 15

The ADGA Spotlight Sale Committee is seeking nominations for the 2011 sale which will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 22 at the end of the organization’s annual meeting. The Spotlight Sale is a unique opportunity to accentuate the accomplishments breeders have made in their herds. This a showcase for the best of the best in dairy goat genetics!

Does of any age are eligible to be sold, however, bucks must be born within 12 months of the date of sale. Nominees must conform to ADGA Breed Standards, have correct and legible tattoos, be free of physical defects, be functionally sound, and healthy. Negative CAE, TB, and brucellosis results are required, as well as interstate shipping papers.

ADGA performance program information is weighed heavily by the committee. Milk production and linear appraisal scores, as well as show records are all extremely important. Pictures of the animal and its relatives all go together for a desired presentation, and now is the time to start organizing the effort. A complete, well-balanced, organized nomination package is important in giving the committee an accurate picture of the nominee.

The Spotlight Sale Co-Chairs are available to help with the nomination packet and to answer any questions about the process. They can be contacted at: Kristi Bozzo-Baldenegro, 209-245-3353, goatjudg@aol.com; or Bill Newton, 716-962-2463, bnewton@integrityagsystems.com. Nomination forms can be obtained from any Spotlight Sale Committee Member or the ADGA office. It can also be downloaded from the ADGA website www.adga.org. Completed forms are due to Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro at PO Box 576, Plymouth, CA 95669, by May 15, 2011.

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