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Dwarf Goat Milk Stand Plans

By Melissa Thomas

I designed this milk stand when I realized just how short my little Nigerian Dwarf goat was. I realized that the higher she could get on a stand, the easier it would be for me to milk. (Not so much bending over anyway.) So the stand is made higher than “normal” and the step is what makes this possible. I encourage anyone making this stand to measure and customize it to fit personal size and budget. (Personally, I love using salvage materials.) 
Finished milking stand, left side view.

Materials needed:

2—2×4’s (8′)

4—1×4’s (8′)

35¼” x 18¼” piece of wood (platform)

Measuring tape

Jigsaw (or equivalent)

Wood screws ( some 1 to 2″, some 3 to 3½”)


First, cut one 2×4 into two 35″pieces and a 21″ piece. Set aside. Next, cut the second 2×4 into two 15″ pieces and three 21″ pieces. To make the platform take the 35″ pieces and the 15″ pieces and construct a square with the short sides fitting in between the long. Secure with the longer screws. Now take the four 21″ pieces and place them on the inside corners of the square, these will be your legs. Secure with long wood screws. Flip the entire thing onto its legs now. 

Now we need to cut the 1×4’s. Cut one into 52½”, 16¼”, 16¼”, and 10″. Cut another into 52½”, 30″, and 10″. The third 1×4 can be cut into a 30″ piece, two 9″ pieces, and two 18″ pieces. The forth can be cut into four 18″ pieces.

Take the two 52½” 1×4’s and secure them onto the stand legs about halfway down to give support to the legs and also a shelf can be added later if you find that useful. Use the level. The extra that hangs off becomes the step that these little goats use to get onto the platform. Now the two 16¼” pieces can be added to the ends to finish that part. Next, take the material chosen for the platform and cut it into a 35¼” x 18¼” piece. This can now be attached as the platform with wood screws. 

Now it is time for the step. Take the two 9″ 1×4 pieces and secure them as little legs under the end of the step. This will balance the entire stand on six legs. Now, add the 18″ pieces across the step “treads” with wood screws to finish the step.

For the restraint that will hold the small goat’s head, take the two 30″ pieces and place them about 2¾-3¼ apart. (You should use your judgment on this, my goats are quite small.) Then place one of the remaining 10″ pieces under one end of these, and the other 10′ piece can be placed on top (as to cradle the main sides of the restraint top). Secure these with wood screws. Now take some sort of a circle to trace the hole the goats can put their head into. (I used a large coffee can.) Place it high up on the restraint to make room for them to put their head down a bit to eat or whatever. Use the jigsaw to cut out your hole. Now attach the whole thing at the bottom where the platform 2×4’s are with wood screws.

For the strap to secure the goats in this, I used a long piece of two sided Velcro secured by screws and it works just fine but I was also trying to be resourceful. I thought of many ways to secure the goats, though. To each his own—and happy milking!

Finished milking stand, right side view.

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