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New Resource Available
for Nigerian Dwarf Breeders

By Pat Stewart

The Nigerian Dwarf goat community has a new resource at their convenience. NDGenes.com is a new, growing, online database service for the breed. It is open to all registry members, and unregistered goat owners as well. The goal of NDGenes is to help breeders promote their herds, educate themselves and others about the breed, and build a stronger Nigerian Dwarf Goat in the future.

While the site is still in development, at this point people are welcome to join and enter the data for their animals, bucks, does and wethers. There will be reports available to update lactation records, titles, and births. NDGenes also wants to keep track of life span as well as less desirable traits, but these will be presented in a general report, so as to not cause anyone to worry.

Breeder memberships are available at the $25 Breeder rate or $50 Heritage Breeder rates. Heritage breeders will have one fee for the year, while Breeder members will have unlimited searches and lactation updates, but will pay a $1 fee for each entry reported. Those wanting to learn about ND’s but who are not yet breeders can join at $20/year for unlimited searches or a $5/session rate.

Why start NDgenes.com? There are so many questions about height, milk production, color and traits that are not easily answered. We all have opinions, but NDGenes, in time, will have fairly concrete data to provide proper answers. In addition, NDgenes.com allows learning without gas mileage, and herd promotion without show fees. It supplements existing chances for learning, but will provide information for more specific questions. It’s not meant to supply all the answers, just to make the questions more productive for everyone.

NDGenes.com also provides opportunities to honor the innovative breeders who built the Nigerian Dwarf goat, the pivotal animals that leave their legacy behind, and the crucial youth who will carry the breed further in the future. More things are in the planning stages, but NDGenes.com is available now for membership and data entry. Check out www.ndgenes.com.

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