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2006 American Dairy Goat Association National Show Overview

Staff Report

Premier Breeder: Karen Senn, Kastdemur’s Dairy Goats
Runner-Up Premier Breeder: Ed Jodlowski
Herdsman Award: Kickadee Hill, Brad & Marilyn Grossman
Rookie Award: Haycreeks Farm, Morgan Allen, Kenyon, MN

2006 ADGA Show:

Alpine Results

Judge: Stephen L Ritcher
Consultant: Julie Wiesehan Matthys

Jr. Does 180; Sr. Does 260; Total Judged 440

Grand Champion:

Cherry Glen Radical Gesture
Owner: Diane Kirsch; Breeder: Diane Kirsch

Reserve Grand Champion:
Alpine-Valleys Honey Oats
Owner: Dustin & Cierra Dunaway; Breeder: Dustin and Cierra Dunaway

Nubian Results

NUBIANS – 429 total, 200 junior does, 212 senior does

Judge: Sheila Nixon

Grand Champion: GCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon
Owner/Breeder: Lennie Rae Vangorder

Reserve Grand Champion: Lassenwood Miller Valentine
Owner: Kastdemur’s Dairy Goats
Breeder: BLOC Syndicate

Saanen Results

Judge: Stephen L. Richter

125 Seniors, 112 Juniors = 237 Total judged

GRAND CHAMPION: Cisco Mango Chard
Owner/Breeder Nan Lee Wojcik

Reserved Grand Champion: Willow Run Dreammaker Alma

Owner/Breeder: Diana McQuitty & Billy Woodward

Oberhasli Results

133 junior does shown, 119 senior does show = 252 total
Judge: Thomas P. Considine

Grand Champion Senior Doe: Nu-Life Delight
Owner: Tecoa Lynn Seibert
Breeder: Lois V. Stegemoller

Reserve Grand Champion:SGCH White-Haven Rococo
Owner/Breeder: Jeanne K White

LaMancha Results

Judge: Julie Wiesehan Matthys
Consultant: Thomas Peter Considine
Junior Does-191; Senior Does- 248; Total Judged-439.

Grand Champion

CH Kickapoo-Valley Respect Sequel AL1258055
Owner: Evan Jodlowski
Breeder: Ed Jodlowski

Reserve Grand Champion
SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian L1300013
Owner: Kastdemur’s Dairy Goats
Breeder: Kastdemur’s Dairy Goats

Toggenburg Results

97 junior does, 125 senior does = 222 total

Judge: Sam Whiteside

GRAND CHAMPION: GCH Cherry Glen Tristin Ayla
Owner/Breeder: Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen

Reserve Grand Champion: SGCH Neshaminy Acres CD Aloha
Owner/Breeder: Amy Elizabeth Plummer

Recorded Grade Results

90 juniors shown, 74 seniors shown = total shown 164

Judge: Julie Wieshan Matthys

Grand Champion: CH Autumn-Acres Ms. Solaris
Owner/Breeder: Tammy Tullar

Reserve Grand Champion: Rockin-CB Soon Sizzle

Owner/Breeder: Cindy L & Robert L Silva

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