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Kansas Boy Benefits
From Drinking Goat Milk

By Jennifer Stultz

At age seven, L.J. Eilerts, Piedmont, Kansas is in the 95th percentile for height. According to his mother, Sarah Eilerts, he is almost a foot taller than other kids his age. This in itself really isn’t proof of anything, but considering that as a newborn, L.J. couldn’t eat, couldn’t grow, couldn’t seem to stop screaming, then it becomes something to take note of. The miracle that solved his agony was dairy goat milk.

Kids and kids
Kids and kids

"As I recall, when L.J. was born, I tried nursing him, but I drink a lot of milk and so he was lactose intolerant," Sarah Eilerts said. "Actually, he was very colicky in general. We tried formula, but that didn’t help either and we tried switching formulas half a dozen times. At the time I was at a friend’s house with the woman who owned Suburban Feed in Rose Hill and she told me about another woman that was giving her baby goat milk. She gave me the name of a woman who had dairy goats. I don’t recall the woman’s name, but I called her and I recall the first conversation with her because L.J. was screaming while I was on the phone with her, and I told her that he was like that most all the time. This wonderful woman/dairy goat breeder told me to meet her at Suburban Feed and she would bring some goat milk right away. She was so sympathetic to what I was going through and was willing to go the extra mile to help me out."

Eilerts said her new friend met her at the feed store twice each week for several months with a gallon of fresh, raw goat milk.

"It was unpasturized, so I would boil it when I got home," she said. "You can’t imagine the difference that milk made. Peace and quiet at last. I remember our pediatrician’s nurse was angry with us, but we just gave L.J. some liquid infant vitamins, Poly Vi Sol, to make up for what the goat milk lacked in vitamins. It was neat because then his stools were just like a breast-fed baby. No more constipation that the manufactured formulas caused."

L.J. drank goat milk for six months. At that point his mother began mixing small amounts of formula with it, due to the limited supply of goat milk.

"The goat milk was our miracle," she said. "He was a fat, healthy baby and is still a healthy kid to this day. We are still strong believers in goat milk for babies because it’s so much easier to digest than cow milk if the baby can’t nurse and can’t tolerate formula. We know another family which recently had the same problem that L.J. did. Their doctor actually suggested they switch to goat milk. So they went and bought a dairy goat and their children are doing just fine now."

Just this year, the Eilerts family was able to purchase their very own dairy goats. Their two does recently kidded and the entire family is looking forward to having their own special source of miracle milk. L.J. is living proof of the benefits humans can get from drinking goat milk.

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